Pursuing Humility

Humility doesn’t get enough press these days.

Which is understandable, when you consider that it is the antithesis of what the world wants. 

The world is focused on getting more. 

More money, more fame, more everything. 

That’s not a game worth spending your precious life pursuing. 

It’s a rat race designed to confuse and distract from what’s going on around you. 

It is a race designed to cement your focus on yourself. 

Take a different road. 

Seek humility by caring for others, extending them grace, and loving them more than you love yourself.

It’s not an easy road, and you won’t walk it perfectly. 

But it’s worth your effort. 

In fact, it’s worth spending a lifetime pursuing.

Asking for permission

You’re going to have to tell people things they don’t want to hear. 

Maybe they did something to offend or hurt you, or perhaps you’ve noticed something in their life that is out of whack and needs addressing. 

Whatever the reason, your love, and care for others will require you to have hard conversations. 

How you go about doing so is paramount. 

One of the best sets of questions comes from Scott Kedersha who will ask, “Can I share something with you?” or “Can I give you some feedback on some things I have seen in you?”

That’s exactly how you approach a difficult conversation. 

Conversations go smoother when you lead by asking permission to share hard things. 

Sadly, people more often choose the opposite approach. 

Be different and stand out from the crowd. 

Care and love enough not only to have the hard conversation but to do so with a soft and gentle touch.

‘You catch more flies with honey’ as they say. 

Raving Fans

Ken Blanchard was famous for his concept of creating raving fans. He used to say that satisfying customers wasn’t the goal. Creating situations where they’re absolutely blown away is.  

Creating those experiences isn’t as difficult as you think. It takes going that extra inch to make every encounter with you and your business remarkable. It’s being different in a way that improves how your customer feels about working with you. 

You want people to walk away not only satisfied but raving about you. You want them obsessed and telling everyone about it. 

Put others first. Be interested in the lives of others. Be present everywhere you are, not distracted by your phone or what’s going on around you. Look people in the eye. Smile. Care enough to listen. Say “please,” and “thank you.” 

These are simple things. We can all do better at creating raving fans. Whether they’re fans of our business or fans of us personally. 

Aim to leave a great impression on everyone you meet. 

Do this and you’ll have a stellar reputation. Not only that, but you’ll have a life full of more love and kindness than you thought possible.