Be Thankful Things Are Hard

If you have been working towards a goal or a dream for any length of time you are aware that things are hard. Maybe your hitting road blocks. Maybe results aren't coming as quickly as you had hoped. Maybe your starting to wonder if you will ever get there or even contemplating throwing in the towel and giving up. Today I want to spend a few moments sharing with you a few reasons why you should be thankful things are hard and keep pushing forward. 

Stop and think about that for a second or two. I just told you that you should be thankful that whatever it is your working towards is hard, difficult and trying. Why would I say that? Because the actual, very real hard work and time it takes to achieve your goals / dreams accomplishes more than we are often aware.   

Working hard not only increases your appreciation of achievements, through it you learn and develop qualities that could not have been learned through any other process. The very process of working tirelessly to reach your goals can be your greatest teacher.

You learn how to persevere and remain diligent in the face of difficulty. 

You learn the value of patience and to delay gratification. 

You learn the meaning of commitment. 

You learn the incredible value of consistency.    

Next time you are tempted to give up, or just complain about how hard and difficult things are, take a moment and reflect on all the things that very thing you hate is working in you. Be thankful for how difficulty and hard work are shaping your character.