The grind

The grind gets a bad wrap. 

Most people think of it as a negative thing. 

In fact, most hate it. 

It’s hard, uncomfortable and that’s the point. 

Hard things make you grow and easy things don’t.  

So embrace the grind. 

Learn that it doesn’t matter how you feel. 

Don’t give up, push through it and see how your life changes.  

All the growth you seek is found in grinding it out.

What gets tracked?

You’ve probably heard the phrase: what get’s tracked, gets managed. 

It reminds you of the fact that tracking and data are important. They inform decisions and help keep you on track. 

This same business rule applies to your life as well. 

If you want to make real and meaningful progress in an area, you’ve got to measure and track it. 

Keep notes on books you’ve read. 

Write down scripture verses you’re memorizing. 

Maintain a workout log.

Things are far more likely to improve when you take the time to track and measure your progress. 

Sadly, the opposite is true as well. The things you pay little attention don’t get better and often deteriorate. 


It’s something the modern world, especially here in the west, affords you. 

The comfort of a hot meal, a warm bed, books to read, a TV to watch and so much more.

These things are so common you don’t even think about them day to day. 

You are fortunate.

Sadly, however, comfort lulls you to sleep. 

It takes your eyes off important things and limits your view. 

Comfort so often constructs the prison in which you gladly reside. See Huxley

If only you could grasp this one simple truth: comfort is not always your friend. 

He may seem polite and an easy companion, but that’s only while he fastens the noose around your neck. 

Discomfort on the on hand remains a faithful friend. 

He pushes you to think, to challenge, to grow. 

You don’t need to be protected from discomfort. You need to seek it out.

Seek out people, situations, conversations, and experiences that make you uncomfortable.

All the growth and change you seek is on the other side of those uncomfortable things.