While there never is an answer on how to get rich quick or accomplish your goals overnight, the secret sauce to the accomplishment of anything worthwhile is consistency. It is not enough to work on your goals for a little while or every now and then. You have to consistently take action on your goals over a period of time to accomplish them. That period of time is always the stumbling block that prevents some from reaching their goals. They simply give up and quit because it just doesn't come fast enough.

Suppose you have a really big tree in your backyard that you want to cut down and every day before you go to work you take a few really hard swings with a sharp axe in to the trunk of the tree. You won't cut down that tree on day one, however if you are consistent in taking a few hard swings per day, you will eventually cut that tree down. 

While I don't know how long it is going to take for you to reach your goals, I do know that if you remain consistent and take action every single day you can achieve them.