4 Steps to Personal Growth

As the great Tony Robbins says,"For things to change, you gotta change." 

The truth is your team and your business are dependent on your growth. It can't grow if your not. So own it. Draw a line in the sand today and commit to growing and developing yourself. If you are growing you can lead and today I have a simple four step plan to help transform you over the next year. 

1. Read

You hear this one all the time because it is true. Leaders are readers & readers are leaders. Reading helps sharpen your mind and helps you grow as a communicator. It is not just the content of what you read that shapes you, you learn how to think and communicate in an articulate and coherent fashion.

If the thought of reading has you overwhelmed or you just don't think you have time, start small. Commit to reading a minimum of 10 pages per day. That's 3,650 pages in a year! 

2. Redeem Your Commute

Instead of listening to the radio, dial up a podcast or audio book while you drive. This simple step will transform your commute from simply getting from A to B into one that transforms your mind. 

3. Replace TV

One common habit of the extremely successful that I have seen in interview after interview is that they turn off the TV. Instead of spending the 30 minutes before bed on the couch watching the next episode of your favorite show on Netflix, pull out your laptop or iPad and spend that time putting good things in your mind. Listen / watch videos of the top personal growth leaders as you prepare for bed.   

4. Lock Arms with Winners

It is said that we are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with. I couldn't agree more. Increase your time with good people who are running the same direction and encourage one another. 

None of these steps requires much more of you than a commitment to do a few things differently over a period of time but what a difference they could make!