Setting Goals

This time of year, it’s natural to start thinking about the next year. 

Your mind drifts to all you’d like to do and accomplish. 

You make goals and set resolutions to guide you. 

Most people, however, stop right there. Nothing more comes of their goals, they remain dreams and unfulfilled hopes.

Setting goals is easy, execution is where it gets hard. 

The goals you set each new year don’t matter if you never take action on them. 

Take action on your goals.

Break them down to the most granular level possible. 

Boil your goals down to something you do daily and the likelihood of your reaching them will dramatically increase.

Setting goals is important, but while your thinking through 2018, think about the daily actions you’ll need to change as well.

Black Friday

Today is the day many of us stand in lines and rush from store to store to get an early start on Christmas shopping. 

Ultimately, it’s a day too many put their lack of discipline and self-control on full display. 

Thankfully Amazon has changed all that. 

Rather than rushing to the store in a heard like fashion, you can stay home and get more done. 

You can exercise control and plan out your Christmas season in an orderly fashion. 

Being generous is a good thing, but you don’t have to brave the overcrowded stores to buy the right gift to show others how much they mean to you. 

Let discipline help you this season. Let it nudge you in a new direction. 

Allow discipline to lead your search with thought and care.

You can get it all done without losing control or frantically fighting the lines in the process. 

Discipline can help. You only have to ask.