Keep it simple.

This is a simple blog. 

It is full of simple sentences, simple posts, and simple ideas. 

There's a reason why. 

Things don't have to be complicated to work. In fact, the simplest answer is often the best.

• Need more uninterrupted work time? Get up earlier. 
• Want to be and feel healthier? Eat nutritious whole foods and work out.
• Want to grow spiritually? Read your Bible. 

Don't confuse simple with easy. 

The most difficult things in the world are incredibly simple. 

• Love your neighbor
• Control your tongue
• Put others first

Each idea is so simple it's encapsulated in three words. But each is so hard none of us nail them perfectly. 

In a world of ever increasing complexity, your answers don't have to be. 

Complexity is often the lazy man’s way out. He doesn’t want to discipline himself to keep digging, to keep thinking, and to get creative.

One is about minimizing effort, while the other is about minimizing clutter.

Think hard. 

Remove clutter.

Keep it simple.