Daily Disciplines

You want to be great. 

Or at the very least, the best possible version of you. 

You want to be kind, cheerful, respectable, gentle, and strong. 

You want your children to love, adore and respect you. You want them to look up to you. 

You want your spouse to speak of your tenderness, and servant hearted attitude towards them. 

You want your coworkers to value your contribution, and enjoy working with you. 

In all the things, you want to honor the Lord and make much of Him. To be the very picture of righteous living and a grace filled life. 

You desire all this to be true of you and more. 

It all starts with the daily disciplines. 

With a small collection of habits, you adopt and hold firm. 

Becoming the person you want to be takes a lifetime. It takes effort and discipline over the long haul. 

It takes getting one percent better each day, even if no one else can tell. 

Focus on building and holding firm to a small collection of daily disciplines. Things that may appear to have a small return on the front-end, but which yield massive change and growth on the back end. 

Things like getting up early, working out, controlling your tongue, responding rather than reacting, learning, and eating well. 

Focus on the daily disciplines rather than the vague notions of who you want to be and how you want others to view you.