Fear can be a real killer. 

It can kill your drive, your passion, and your desire.

Fear can rob you of all these things and much more. 

Far from being some distant enemy in the world out there, fear attacks from within. 

It sneaks up on you uninvited and unnoticed and whispers lie after lie into your ear. 

“You’ll never make it.”

“You don’t have what it takes.”

“That’s too heavy for you”

“It’s going to be too hard” 

“You should just give up”

Fear is crafty and wants to keep you from doing the very things that need doing. 

It wants to you to play it safe and for you to never feel discomfort. 

But that’s where all the growth is. 

Tell fear to take a hike, the next time it whispers in your ear.   

Remind yourself that all the good things in life—health, happiness, strength, and freedom—are found on the other side of discomfort. 

Remind yourself exactly what you’re running after. Then do the things needed to get there, no matter how hard or scary they may be. 

Once you’re done and you’ve conquered it, you’ll see how silly fear was in the first place.