Two Types of Discipline

There are two types of discipline. 

The first is imposed discipline. This is where the habits and practices of discipline are forced upon you. The military is particularly skilled at this. They tell you what to do, how to do it and when. They set high standards and expect you to meet them, and doll out punishment when you don’t.

The second is self-discipline. You hold yourself to high standards and force yourself to meet them. You don’t need anyone looking over your shoulder, or screaming in your ear, you just get things done. 

Imposed discipline will only get you so far. 

To truly get things done and accomplish your dreams, you’re going to need self-discipline. You’re going to need the will and determination to push through hard times. You’re going to need the strength to face your fears and overcome them. You’re going to need the discipline to hold the line and stay the course when you don’t feel like it. 

Cultivate self-discipline. It’s the best and truest form of discipline and the best path to achieving your goals.