The freedom truth affords

How you think, and what you focus on is vitally important. 

Few things shape the outcome of your life like your thought life. 

The ideas floating around in your head are valuable. 

But what you choose to believe is even more so. 

Not every thought that passes through your mind is true or accurate. 

Many are flat out wrong. 

Take the idea that you’ve only got one shot, so you better not blow it. 

Many choose to believe this nonsense and pay the cost every day. 

It’s not only a limiting belief, it’s a lie.

Opportunity is constantly "knocking at your door" and there is plenty of it to go around. 

The sooner you stop paying attention to silly notions and lies swirling around in your head, and focus on the truth, the better. 

The truth will set your free like nothing else. 

It will set you free to pursue new paths, take new risks, and improve your life each and every day. 

Discipline your mind. Train it to focus on the right things. 

Sift every thought that comes to mind like wheat. Compare them to that which is unchanging—thuth. 

When a thought doesn’t adhere to reality and wisdom, discard it. 

To do this you have to keep truth ever before you. You have to study it and become so acquainted with it that even the wiliest imposter is easily identified. 

What you focus on expands in your life. So set your focus in the right direction.