Small shifts in perspective

It’s easy to focus on the wrong thing. 

Most of the time, it’s not intentional. You simply haven’t paused to think about it any other way. 

That means there’s a whole host of opportunities waiting for you if only you’ll change your perspective. 

Take your work for instance. How often do you focus on the process? Or do you instead focus on success? 

It’s easy to think of the next promotion or bonus check. It’s another thing altogether to think about the process. 

Focusing on the process means you focus on creating the right thoughts, habits, and priorities, with the understanding that those are the things that lead to success.  

Think of all the benefits that could arise from this small change in perspective. 

They’re staggering. 

Yet too many continue to focus on the wrong things.

December is the perfect month for reflection. Look back over your year, and pick one or two areas you want to take ground in next year. Ask yourself, “How could a small shift in my perspective in this area change everything. and what would that look like day to day?” 

Do this and you’ll be well on your way to achieving something special next year. Something that won’t be special because it results in immediate success, but something that’s special because it leads to your becoming a better version of yourself no matter the outcome.