Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick. That’s the sound of time passing us by. 

It keeps rolling on. Never stopping to rest, or catch its breath. No, time just keeps chugging along. 

Depending on when you get up and how late you’re awake, your clock will count down somewhere between 43,000 to 86,000 seconds before your head hits the pillow tonight. 

What will you do with those seconds? 

Each one is an opportunity to do something worthwhile. 

Squeeze every ounce out of each one of those moments. Make each and every one of them count. 

Use them to move the ball downfield, to get things done, and most importantly to make yourself better. 

Be disciplined about it and you’ll reach the end of the day exhausted yet proud. 

Then get up and do it again tomorrow, and every day.