In favor of the long road

Everyone wants to do well. They want to be not only bigger, stronger, and faster, but smarter, wiser and richer as well. 

In short, everyone desires success. 

Success in life. Success in business. Success in relationships. Success in the gym. Succes in the classroom. 

Where ever you are and however you define it, in one way or another success is what you’re after.

There’s nothing wrong with that. 

The problem comes in how you pursue it.

Do you jump at the first opportunity to speed up your progress?

Or do you resolve to stick it out and grind until you’ve reached your goal no matter how long it takes? 

Worthwhile goals don’t come through shortcuts. 

They are found at the end of the long, difficult road. The road requiring daily commitment, daily action, and most of all daily discipline. 

It may not seem like the road you need, but it’s the only road heading where you want to go.