Life of the mind

There is a flow to your life and much of that flow is found within the thoughts that fill your mind. 

Those thoughts are wholly your own. No one else thinks the same as you. 

Your thoughts and ideas are unique and truly yours. 

Their subject determines so much about your life. 

How often do you stop and ponder exactly what does go through your mind? 

Do you hold thoughts captive? 

Do you strain your mind to control its contents? 

With so much riding on the ideas rolling around in your mind, it makes little sense not to. 

Successful men and women don’t allow thoughts to stride through their mind willy-nilly. No, they expend great energy to inform their minds. 

Take a play from their playbook and do the same. 

If life is foremost the life of the mind, success if anything else comes from disciplining your mind.