You Get To

You get to wake up early and get after it. 

You get to go to work and give it your all. 

You get to workout, lift heavy things and sweat. 

You get to choose good, nutritious foods. 

You get to pick your kids up from school. 

You get to go home and spend time with your family. 

You don't have to, YOU GET TO. 

You're reading this, so that means your alive today. You have breath in your lungs and you get another glorious day to love, work hard and cherish. 

Don't waste it with a cruddy attitude. 

Soon your race will be run. Soon your life will reach its end. 

What will you have done with the time you've been given? 

Will you squander it and all its glory with a bad mindset? 

Or will you focus on all the things you get to do, relishing and marveling at the fact that you and only you get to do them?