Work's value

What do you think and how do you feel when you work hard and come up short? 

Are you frustrated, upset and feel like it was all a waste of time? 

That’s how most people look at things. If they didn’t reach their goal or dream it was all for not. 

Reaching goals is nice, but it’s not the whole ball game. 

There is value in the work you do. 

Even if you don’t fully reach your goal or an outcome you’d prefer, the work you do matters. 

Work is good for you and works good within you. 

This is especially true when the work you do is disciplined work. When you delay gratification and suffer for the long-term payoff you accomplish far more than you realize. 

You build character, strength, and resolve that comes no other way. 

It’s easy when you’re at your best and full of life, but that’s not how you grow. Your best days come when you’re not 100% and do it anyway.   

Embrace the process and commit to it like nothing else. 

It will benefit you like nothing else can, even if that means you come up short on a goal or two.