What keeps popping up?

This may sound like an odd question at first, but what keeps popping up in your life?

Before you start to feel uncomfortable and wonder why I'm getting in your stuff, lets talk about why I'm asking.

Over the years I have noticed that certain things pop up repeatedly. It doesn't matter where you go, what you listen to, or what you read, patterns and themes emerge. Things overlap, patterns form and themes repeat. 

This can be especially powerful when it takes place within a short period of time. When it happens over a series of weeks instead of months or years your brain makes connections more quickly and what you're hearing goes from connecting with a memory to connecting with recent experience.

Lean into the things that keeping popping up.

What I have found is that when things pop up repeatedly, I need to take note & listen. And you do too.

Those things that pop up over and over are quite possibly the most important things going on in your life. They just might be showing you traits, habits and patterns that could transform your life.

Four things that keep popping up everywhere I go are the importance of asking good questions, being intentional, staying consistent and listening to the Tim Ferris Show. I'm sure that I'll expound on these in the future but as I've leaned in to these four things over the last several weeks I've noticed improvement.

• Focusing on asking good questions has helped me adopt a learning mentality.

• Approaching my day with intention has transformed my productivity, and the depth of my relationships. 

• As I have leaned into remaining consistent I have learned that great things are accomplished by average people who don't give up.

• Listening to The Tim Ferriss Show has helped me not only learn a ton, but more importantly is helping me learn how to get the most out of every conversation by asking really good questions.

So I'll ask you again. What keeps popping up in your life?

No matter what keeps popping up, lean in. It just might change your life.