Turning 30 Is A Great Time To Pause & Reflect

It's the middle of June, temperatures are steadily on the rise and baseball season has nearly reached the All Star Break. That may sound like the description of your typcial summer and the summer of 2016 is just like every other except for the small caveat that I turn 30 this month.

Turning 30 doesn't come with the pomp of 16, the excitement of 18 or even the buzz of 21. Just about the only major advantages come in the form of insurance breaks. While turning 30 doesn't come with tons of pizazz, it is a fantastic opportunity pause and reflect. 

Over the next several weeks I'll be taking a look back over the people, books, experiences, and places that have impacted, inspired, and shaped who I am today. 

I can't think of a more fitting way to kick off such a series than to tell you about the kind, cheerful and fun loving great aunt who was such a big part of my childhood. 

Mary Sue Ballew was the kind of lady that not only turned heads but had the winning personality to match her breath taking looks. Born the fourth of five daughters to Jewell and Martin, she was a jewel all her own. 

The very first memory that crosses my mind when I think of Sue, has to be spending the night with her as a very young kid. I don’t remember specific occasions, events or activities but simply a peaceful scene. I would often visit Sue her house on the hill. During those summer nights we would sleep with the windows open. My favorite memories consist of laying there in bed late at night listening to the wind blowing, crickets chirping outside the window and critters rustling in the bushes. It was such a peaceful scene that paints many a memory of my childhood. 

Happiness, joy, and cheerfulness encompassed Sue. She lived a remarkable life full of adventures, travel and fun followed where ever she went. Sue was part of that rare bread born knowing how to love people well. It came so easy for her. No matter who you were, she was kind, considerate and intentional. She lovingly served everyone around her with a smile on her face.