Templates Are Your Friend

While we all have a ton going on and can barely keep it all straight in our heads, one trick continues to help me get it all done and keep everything straight. And it can transform your life as well! 

What is it?


From emails to journal entries to conversations I template as much as possible. I've spent some time designing how I want to handle many of the regular tasks I face. This keeps me from making unnecessary decisions and reinventing the wheel each time. It also ensures that I don't miss or forget things.

How will you benefit from creating templates for just about everything in your life?

The obvious answer is that you will save time.

However saving time is useless if you don't utilize that time in a productive manner. Templates allow you to be intentional with the most valuable aspects of each task. Instead of worrying about all aspects of the email, or conversation you can focus only on the most important. 

Do you have an email that you write all the time? Create a template for answering it.

Do you keep a daily journal? Consider creating a template of daily questions or prompts.

Are there important regular conversations you need to have? Create templates for what you want to say and resources you want to point to.

Whatever it is you do on a regular basis there is most likely a way to create a template to help you do it not just efficiently but more intentionally.