Photography Quick Hits

My wife and I spend much of our time behind the lens capturing happy moments for couples and helping others who want to do the same. As we returned from a wedding reception late one night in the last few weeks, we discussed the thoughts and mental checklists we both use. It was a great conversation that helped me learn so much about how my wife's brain works and some helpful tips to improve the quality of my photos. 

Since most of us enjoy taking pictures to document the moments of our lives I want to share a few of the items on my mental checklist. From snapping the occasional selfie to grabbing your camera and hitting the road these quick thoughts can help you improve the quality of your photos almost immediately.

1. Are they backlit or in the shade?  

2. Am I cutting off their feet?

3. Am I leaving enough room on the sides?

4. Is there something sticking out of the back of the subject's head?

5. Is there anything odd in the background?