One Thing You Must Add To Your Daily Routine

As we head into a new week, I want to share a little nugget I've stumbled upon over the last few weeks. 


Ok, I'm late to the party. People have been journaling for hundreds of years, especially 13 year old girls. 

Like me you might have given journaling a try here and there over the years only to drop the habit after a few days each time. Maybe you lacked will power to commit, didn't have the time or see the return on your investment, or perhaps you simply didn't know what to write when you sat down. I've run into each of these hurtles over the years and each has prevented me from developing the habit of journaling, until now. 

What changed? In short, I addressed the three major challenges that prevent you from establishing any routine, especially one like journaling.

But first, why is journaling worth all the fuss?

Much of what we know of the great men of ages past comes from private journals. Though great in their time and busy as you are, these men elevated the practice of daily journaling to one of great import. At some point each day they would sit with pen in hand to move thoughts out of their heads and onto the page. Often journaling was the activity they used to jump start their day. 

Over the last several weeks I have become convinced there are three main benefits to establishing this daily habit that could change your world in relative short order. 

1. Journaling draws your attention to patterns in your life.

Over time you'll recognize patterns in your life that would have otherwise gone unnoticed or would have only been so when they made a wreck of things. Your mind can't hold everything, or if it does you're unable to access every part of it. Journaling is a great help in organizing your thoughts, feelings, lessons learned, and major events. As time goes on you will be able to look back and reference things you'd otherwise miss.   

2. Journaling helps you clear your mind. 

I can't overstate the value of a clear mind to getting things done. Every day you have a million things swimming around in your head that distract and take a way from your day. Why not trap those thoughts, feelings and worries on the page of your journal? You will immediately feel free. Your mind will be less cluttered and you will be able to focus instead on getting stuff done. 

3. Journaling helps you cultivate intentionality

Daily writing and processing your thoughts helps you approach the day with an active mindset. You begin to think about what you will do, how you will do it and form a clear picture of exactly what must be accomplished. Daily journaling helps you lead your day instead of simply accepting your day. People live most of their life in a passive state. They simply accept what happens each day, instead of actively trying to shape it. Another way to say this is that most people live unintentionally. Journaling is one key practice that helps you cultivate a habit of intentionality. Cultivating this habit more than any other helps you get more done, and improves every other area of your life. If for no other reason, cultivating an intentional mindset alone is worth keeping a daily journal.