Easter 2017

“What’s the big deal with Jesus?” I said to myself, “What do I need him for? I’ll go straight to God.” I’d be bold enough to ask these questions of the pastor teaching the confirmation class I was attending. As a middle school kid, I didn’t understand the gospel. I knew Jesus had died for my sins, and that trust in Him was essential but didn’t have all the answers.

I would have told you I was a Christian if you'd asked. I believed in Jesus and read my Bible on occasion, but still didn’t have a firm grasp on the gospel.

A few buddies invited me to come check out a new church one Saturday night my freshmen year of college. “Sure,” I said as I hopped in the car a casual Christian for the last time. That night I came face to face with the truths of the gospel. Matt Chandler proclaimed that there is room at the foot of the cross. For the first time in my life, I got it. I understood what the big deal is with Jesus, and that I needed what He had to offer. I couldn’t go directly to God. No, Jesus is the mediator between God and man. He is my direct access to The Father.

Taking on flesh and living a perfect life, He satisfied every jot and tittle of The Law. Dying on a cross He bore the penalty for my trespasses and sins. Rising from the grave He made me right with God. His death has brought me life, and His life my hope secures.

I still don’t have all the answers. I still stumble over some of the hard truths about life, evil and how to respond. God isn’t afraid of my questions, or my wrestling to understand. No, He is a patient, loving father—who gave His only Son as the ultimate answer to the problems that trip me up the most.  

Think about the words you hear and read as we gather to celebrate Easter this weekend. Open your Bible and read the gospel accounts. Don’t ignore your questions, but set them aside for the moment. Concentrate on the simple truths about Jesus life, death, and resurrection instead. There is good evidence to suggest these claims are true, consider it. It changes everything. If you trust Christ, you still won’t get all your questions answered, but you’ll get God—and that’s all that matters.