Emotion, poor behavior patterns, and ego are the enemy. We tend to allow these forces to determine how we deal with the world, and this shouldn’t be so. We’ve got to take the fight to them. Instead of focusing our efforts and energy on controlling the outside world, we need to focus on controlling the world within ourselves. 

The greatest battle we fight is the battle within. Imposing your will upon your emotions and subduing them is the path to the path to victory. 

Instead of getting aggressive with other people, get aggressive with yourself. Get in your own grill. Be harsh and unrelenting, not on others, but on you. Hold yourself to insane standards and force yourself meet them.

That fight can be as simple as a shift in mindset. 

One shift, is to change how we think about communication.

All of us engage in unsound, and ineffective communication patterns. We raise our voice, speak instead of listening and stumble into silly arguments. Improving how we communicate is imperative. There’s too much riding on it not to.