I'm Excited to Get After This Gigantic 2016 Reading List

2015 is coming to a close and 2016 stands just over the horizon. What kind of year will it be? How will you change, grow and mature over the course of the next 12 months? I can't wait to reach December 2016 and see all the work the Lord has done in my heart and life, especially what He will do through the reading of good books.

As I have shared before, I am absolutely obsessed with reading, learning and sharing how both are impacting my life with you. Over the past year I have read some great books and while I have shared my top 6 here, I want to spend this time sharing with you what's on my reading list for 2016.

I have planned my reading with in five primary areas, leadership / personal growth, network marketing, spiritual growth, biographies and fiction. I have selected several books for each category that interest me, come highly recommended and those I believe will help me grow.

Through out the year I plan to share the ideas, stories and principles that stick out and are positively impacting my life. While I am itching to get each of these books in my hand, I am especially excited to read the following six. 

The Art of Learning by Josh Waitskin - The title alone had me hooked but Tim Ferriss' review only increased my excitement for reading this one. If you are as crazy about learning as I am, you'll probably want to add this one to your list as well as Josh unpacks how the best performers in the world become the best.

4 Color Personalities for MLM by Tom Schreiter - If you're not in network marketing, this one remains well worth adding to your list. This little gem comes highly recommended as the resource that will help you transform how you share that which you are most passionate about with others in a way that will connect.

Anchorman by Steve Farrar - Handed to me by my father-in-law a few weeks back, I can’t wait to dig in and learn. In this handy resource Steve Farrar discusses topics related to legacy and parenting. I am looking forward to how this book will transform my thinking, challenge my preconceived notions and help me become the man in Christ that I am called to be.

J.I. Packer: An Evangelical Life by Leland Ryken - It would be hard to overstate the impact J.I. Packer has had on modern Christianity. Over the past 60 years, Packer has influenced a generation through his writings and yet remains one of the least known giants of the last half century. Having been profoundly impacted by his book Knowing God several years ago, I am most eager to learn more about one of the greatest theologians of our time.   

For Whom The Bell Tolls by Earnest Hemmingway - For some time now I have found myself interested in the life and writing of Earnest Hemmingway. He seems a larger than life personality who impacted others with his writing and I feel nearly ashamed that I am yet to read one of his books. If I read nothing else in 2016 I will read at least this one book by Hemmingway. 

How To Read A Book by Mortimer Adler - This book has been recommended to me more times that I can count, yet I've never picked it up. Which is strange given that reading is one my absolute favorite things to do. If I am going read, I want to do it well and that's something I hope this book will help me with. 

My Gigantic 2016 Reading List

Here is my current reading list for next year. If you see something that has been of major benefit to you, has shaped your life or don't see something you feel I need to add please let me know by commenting below.

Leadership and Personal Growth

Network Marketing

Spiritual Growth