The Cheerful Visit with Andi Jamison

Chalkboard by  Viv Jordan

Chalkboard by Viv Jordan

Hannah and I were interviewed on a podcast a few months back. As an avid listener to podcasts, we leapt at the chance to take part in one. I’ve often wanted to start one myself, but never quite took the plunge. I’d interview strangers on the street, and others who’d agree to humor me. All those mock interviews gave me a deep appreciation for those who do it on a regular basis. Interviews are hard. You have to ask the right questions in the right order and hope you get it right.

Andi was an absolute joy to sit down with. She asked good, specific questions that gave us a direction to run without painting us into a corner. She was great. Andi wasn’t trying to expose us, catch us off guard or make us look any particular way. She came to the table with a honest desire to learn something new and make a deeper connection.

That’s exactly what you want to take place in any interview. A genuine thirst to learn and to understand go a long long way. Yet we seldom see it when we turn on the evening news or some program purporting to be objective journalism. There are thankfully a growing number of young men and women moving into the void media left behind with a healthy curiosity about the vast world we inhabit and a microphone on the table allowing many many more to join them on their journey.

Andi officially launched her new project, The Cheerful Visit, this month.

“The Cheerful Visit was born,” Andi said, “out of a love for people, a curiosity and drive of seeing the unique and awesome means God has gifted his Church and dispersed them among our cities to glorify and specifically serve. This podcast will introduce you to creative individuals within my world as well as other talents and vocations, retelling their journeys, sharing in their gifts, projects they’re excited about, joys and struggles, and how they incorporate their faith into the facets of what they do.”

Hannah and I first worked with Andi as part of our work as wedding photographers. We love the great people we get to meet, and their commitment to service and excellence. There is little the vendors we have the pleasure of working with won’t do to go above and beyond for their clients. I believe this attitude and posture of service stems from the deep well of committed followers of Christ in the wedding industry. In fact, it’s one of our favorite aspects of the industry. We rub shoulders with some of the most faithful people we know who are using the gifts and talents the Lord gave them in a way that makes much of Him every weekend.

“My sincere prayer and hope in this,” Andi said, “is that you leave encouraged and spurred on to work for purposes beyond yourself, find courage to take risks within the unique placing and gifts you've been given, and how much beauty and excitement can come when we give God the reigns and act upon the gifts and opportunities that He gives us specifically for his glory and praise.”

I look forward to seeing where Andi’s new and exciting venture leads. She has some amazing guests lined up who will be dropping encouragement, wisdom and good stories each and every week. Go subscribe on iTunes and enjoy our chat with Andi today.