Monthly Mash Up (June 2017)

June was a crazy month. It was full of activity, work and trying to figure this whole parenting thing out. I’ll let you know if we ever get that down. I stumbled across some outstanding resources over the last month and I’d like to share a few of them with you here.  

I do this the last Monday of each month. It’s my way of peeling back the layers and sharing the things that have the greatest impact on me each month. I hope the resources I share with you are helpful and brighten your day. If you do enjoy it, pass it along to family, friends and the occasional stranger.

Quote I'm Chewing On

“The person you become is a result of your inner choices, not your external circumstances.”

While not 100% where I heard this line over the past month, it has become a great source of encouragement to me. Circumstances have little to do with who I am, how I behave or the man I become. All those things are results of decisions I make.

What I'm Reading

  1. Don’t Worry, Make Money by Richard Carlson

  2. Guerrilla Marketing by Jay Conrad Levinson - My father-in-law shared these first two books with me earlier this month. I’ve loved reading and finding great ideas and encouragement in both. While not written from a Christian worldview, both contain great information and universal truth that will help you slay demons and conquer whatever is in your path.

  3. The Way of the Warrior Kid by Jocko Willink - A kids book? You bet! There are a ton of helpful insights to inspire and motivate you to get after it.

  4. The Art of War by Sun Tsu - Jocko reviewed this classic on how to win whether you’re fighting to achieve things at work, in your relationships or to put sin to death.

What I’m Listening To

  1. Jocko Podcast - I listened to all 80 episodes in 30 days and couldn’t be more fired up about this podcast. It is a fantastic listen that’ll help you do, be and achieve more with your life.

  2. The Sheepdog Project - I found this podcast near the end of the month, and it’s been awesome. The Sheepdog Project is a neat program seeking to provide law enforcement and civilians the training needed to protect themselves and those they love from the evil around us. The podcast is a natural extension of that mission, and consists of conversations between two Tim Kennedy and Dr. Mike Simpson. They discuss a wide range of topics that I’m certain you could benefit from.

From the Internet

  1. Mental load and the worry cache by Seth Godin - I find Seth Godin’s writing to be clear, concise and exactly what I need to hear on a regular basis. This post hit me at a time when I found myself worrying too much about things outside my control. It served as a well timed reminder that worry isn’t part of my job.

  2. Don't Compare Yourself to Other Writers - by Pamela Hodges. This post appeared on The Write Practice earlier this month by only found its way across my screen the other day. It serves as a great reminder that we aren’t to play comparison game. Everyone is running their own race and doing their own thing. That’s all we’re able to do, run our own race.     

  3. Be Careful About Reading This by Jon Acuff - I signed up to receive four free books written by Jon Acuff. Only they aren’t your typical books, but a series of emails that will one day come to resemble one. Each week, Jon writes four separate emails that go to four separate lists. They cover topics related to public speaking, writing, entrepreneurship and fitness. Go check out this post, and then sign up for the list or lists that most intrigues you.