Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

Like you, I'm looking forward to 2016 with great excitement and anticipation.

The primary issue, however, isn't whether we've set goals. The primary issue is how we will accomplish them.

I wrote a few posts that I hope will help you. These are included at the conclusion of this post. In this one, I reveal the tip that helps me get more done than I thought I could. I hope it is helpful.

I also want to let you know about something I've personally signed up for.

10 Days of Productivity with Tim Challies - practical steps to getting more of the right stuff done.

A little while back Tim wrote a series of blog posts entitled How to Get Things Done that was immensely helpful to me. I can't wait to kick off this 10 day series with Tim in 2016.

You can sign up to for Tim's series here.

If reading is something on your mind as we head into the new year, I put together a few posts to help you create more time to read, select books to read, and get more out of reading.   

Praying you have a fantastic 2016!

Happy New Year!

3 Tips That Help Me Get More Done

In this crazy, mixed up and hurried world we find ourselves, we have endless "to do" lists and dozens of other things going on with family and friends. There is little time to spare and the quick pace has us pulling our hair out because we simply can't get it all done.

The Pareto Principle

You have so much going on that it can be quite overwhelming at times. To make it worse, a lot of what you spend your time doing doesn't add to your bottom line or help you accomplish your goals. With your attention pulled in so many directions it can be hard to keep focused on what truly matters. But how do you break this cycle and cut through the waste so you can focus on the truly important? 

Developing a "Stop Doing" List

Most lead lives full of activity and lacking discipline. "To do" lists are overwhelming and ever growing. They are filled with wasteful activities, "we just have to do", that drain us of energy, steal our time and keep us from chasing truly great opportunities. 

Rule Your Inbox

In meetings, coffee with friends, movies and while driving down the road our phones are constantly alerting us to the next incoming message. So often that incoming message is a new email. We are collectively drowning in email.