Bible Reading Plans for 2017

As we start a new year, it’s time to begin planning and deciding all manner of things. You’re setting goals, deciding where you’ll go, what you’ll read and the personal projects you’d like to work on. At least those are the things I’m in the middle of deciding. Amidst all these decisions, sits the most important one of all—how will I spend time in God’s word each day?

“I am the vine;” Jesus said, “you are the branches. Whoever abides in me, and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing.” This verse is one of the most quoted verses of scripture. In fact, it’s one you need to memorize. There are countless occasions when it comes in handy. Chief among them is your need to be reminded of how important it is to remain connected to Jesus. We can’t do anything apart from Him.

One of the most important steps to abiding with Christ, is to be in His word daily. You know this, and so do I, yet far too often we fall down on the job. Often this happens because we lack a plan. Here are a handful of ways you can avoid this pitfall and read God’s word this year.   

The Bible Project - This may be the most intriguing bible reading plan I’ve seen. Not only does this plan get you to reading God’s word, but includes videos to help you grasp it as well.  

Join The Journey - The Journey is an excellent way to ensure you’re in God’s word every weekday. Every morning you’ll receive an email containing scripture to read and a companion devotional. The Journey walked through the gospels this past year and will be reading through the Psalms and Proverbs in 2017.  

ESV Bible Plans - ESV offers twelve reading plans in a variety of formats. They also produce a podcast, that will allow you to listen to the Bible. -, is an immensly helpful resource, including a great Bible app. They offer a wide range of reading plans, but you’ll need to use their website or app to access them.

Ligonier Bible Plans - Ligonier offers a thorough collection of Bible reading plans, that has something for everyone.

The Change Your Mind Plan - This is an awesome idea and exactly what it sounds like. This super easy plan has four steps: (1) Pick a book of the Bible, (2) Read it all the way through, (3) Repeat step #2 twenty two times, (4) Repeat for all books of the Bible.  

I will be reading Join The Journey as my daily Bible intake this year. I did this last year, as we read through the gospels at a nice slow pace. It offered time for me to spend a year sitting in the story of Christ, and reflecting on just how remarkable it is. I look forward to seeing what the Lord does as I trek through the Psalms & Proverbs this year.  

Regardless of the plan you choose, the important thing is that you spending time in God’s word. I pray that the Lord moves greatly in your life this year as you spend time with in His word.

What is your plan for reading God’s word this year?